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Getting Here




Not all the Hotels and Rooms for Rent in Utila offer an advance bookings or reservations service, especially those at the lower end of the pricing range who tend to operate on a "walk-in" first come, first served basis. You will most likely need advance reservations for Resorts and Houses for Rent, especially in the peak season and festival times such as Semana Santa (Easter), Carnaval (usually the 3rd week of July) and Sun Jam (usually the 1st weekend in August). For Semana Santa, you would be advised  to make reservations well in advance

since most of the more popular accommodations, including Hotels and Rooms are often reserved 2-3 months in advance. This web page only lists about 70% of the accommodations available in Utila. Several "Houses for Rent' and "Apartments for Rent' are not listed by the choice of the owners since these houses and apartments are rarely vacant, usually being occupied by long term renters such as Scuba Diving Instructors, DiveMasters in Training or people building vacation/retirement homes down along the south shore. Vacancies in these accommodations are usually advertised around the Island by "word of mouth". There is a Tourist Information Office at the Muelle de Cabotage (the docks) in La Ceiba, about 20 yards behind the Utila Princess ticket office. (The Utila Princess is the only passenger ferry operating between Utila and the mainland of Honduras, scheduled to depart twice daily from the Muelle de Cabotage in La Ceiba). This Tourist Information Office (sponsored by the Honduras Tourist Institute) offers a free accommodations reservations service and will telephone the various accommodations and Hotels in Utila on your behalf. If you are taking the afternoon ferry to Utila you should consider trying to make a reservation for your first night stay in Utila, in order to avoid the difficulty of trying to find suitable accommodations after sunset. You can always look for more appropriate accommodations the next morning. Many of the Scuba Diving Shops, offer discounted accommodations for those people diving with them (especially those people taking scuba diving courses). Alton's Dive Shop, Cross Creek Dive Centre, Ecomarine: Gunter's Dive Shop and Underwater Vision are 4 examples. Captain Morgan's Dive Shop accommodates all it's scuba divers at Hotel Keyla out on the Utila Cays (a small group of tiny islands at the western end of Utila island). All of the Scuba Diving Shops will be happy to recommend accommodations and "good deals" on accommodations convenient to their Scuba Diving operations. Many of the Apartments in Utila are occupied by long stay tourists (those who intend to stay in Utila for more than 1 month), (usually people undertaking a DiveMaster course with an internship program or Scuba Diving Instructors). If you intend to stay in Utila for more than a few weeks, Apartments generally offer good value and are more comfortable. The best value Apartments are rarely vacant, but you can often meet up with people who have a spare bedroom or bed in their Apartment and may offer you a place there for your share of the rent and living expenses.